The Fast & The Furious

MMO that puts the player in the Fast and Furious universe


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  • Category Online games
  • License Free
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000
  • Language English
  • Program by Playn¡k

Fast and Furious is an online browser game, centred around car tuning with a background of speedy street racing. The premise of the game comes from the movie of the same name, the first in a lengthy series all under the same franchise.

The player must register and sign in, before being asked to choose a name under which to race and selecting a car. The player can be in his or her first race in minutes.

The player enters races, but does not particularly control the vehicle: this is not a racing/ driving simulator game. Rather it is more a statistical, probability game. Races are entered in order to earn points and experience. Points can be used to modify and customise the car, and the experience sets the level for choosing opponents to race against. So unimportant to the game is the racing that the player can actually skip through the race footage and get right to the results page.

It is in tuning the car to peak condition that the player can win or lose the game, as well as by choosing beatable opponents for their vehicle's current condition.

The more races that are entered, the more points are won and experience gained. However, along with this, Police Attention grows (street racing is illegal, after all!). Should Police Attention reach fifty per cent or more, the player is frozen out the game for a short time, until the Police Attention has declined once more. Once the heat is off, the player can resume play. This is a feature to stop players skipping through all the race footage, and playing over and over again to earn an excess of points in too short a time.

However, there is a premium option in which the player can pay to get back on the course and playing for points without having to wait.

It must be emphasised that this is a statistical numbers game, rather than an action driving game as might be expected.


  • Plenty of tuning options to make the vehicle as good as possible
  • Big online community for fans of the game
  • Free to sign up and use


  • There is no real connection to the movie franchise in the game
  • There is no action, which might be expected from the name
  • The game is fairly repetitive and can become quite tedious
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